Thank you for your interest in being part of this unique collaborative experience, please fill out our membership survey below even if you are not sure about joining yet.

We are open to anyone interested in absorbing, sharing and exploring digital culture and technology for our creative and social good. We already have attracted a great fusion of skillsets, come add yours to the melting pot!

As a member you will:

  • Have free access to the space whenever we are open (1-9pm in general)
  • Be able to invite 1 or 2 guests and have small meetings in the space
  • Host workshops for free with only a £2 charge for your attendees
  • Have access to the online collaboration space on Trello where you can add discussions and connect with all the other members
  • Receive text messages from the Dream Factory alerting you to opening times and other special offers
  • Be part of the ongoing community who will decide how to take this experience forward in this amazing space!

Memberships are £15/month for individuals memberships for one month only until end of September..

As we are half way through this experience, we are also going to Joint memberships at £10 to encourage you to connect your community with this exciting creative one and be part of the evolution of this collaboration space and community.

If you really want to be part of this experience but can’t afford the membership, we are all about collaboration so why not get in touch and tell us what you can offer in terms of skills and time and we can work out a concessionary price.

Membership Payment: Please Enter the names and mobile number of the memberships in the box above the Buy Now button. We use SMS messages to alert members of opening times and events happening in the space. Then please come back to complete the Membership survey below so you can help us make the Dream Factory a place that inspires you.

Dream Factory Collaboration & Feedback Survey

We would like to kick off collaboration amongst Brighton Digital Festival event organisers and participants even before the festival with a collaboration ring which matches skill exchanges. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey and help us develop good reciprocity amongst our unique Digital Festival community.