Why are we here on the planet?

What is the purpose of my human life?


These are the kinds of questions we are being called to enquire deeply into if we are going to guide ourselves and this planet safely into the next stage of evolution.

The universe took 13.7 billion years of evolution to get to this amazing point – it is awakening to itself, through conscious awareness, through us.

One of our key roles in this transformation is to pay real attention to what the universe is actually doing through us. The more that we go inside and experience the universe from who we are, the more we will allow it to expand through us.

There is an urgency for this kind of transformation, for us to awaken to a planetary consciousness. The planet is a living system which maintains the parameters for life. The human species has developed the ability to seriously affect that system but not the consciousness to care about that. We need to either awaken to our purpose as guardians of life which came from the planet, or be destroyed by it or ourselves.

How can we evolve human consciousness before we damage this miracle planet we live on? What is our individual role within that?

We are committed to facilitating and networking spaces globally for anyone who is drawn to the evolutionary path of humanity and to birthing the new consciousness necessary for our survival and that of the planet.

In these spaces you are invited to tune into and become aware of the new agenda and vibration available to everyone. Our collective and individual purpose of life is accessible most easily through collective consciousness and by accessing high levels of awareness.

There are no gurus or masters on the evolutionary path for the simple reason that there is no end to evolution. During the birthing of this new consciousness, much of the awareness is still only accessible at high levels, at levels where we attune beyond language. This consciousness and wisdom is open to anyone who can tune into it access it. The call here is for all seekers, evolutionaries, social entrepreneurs, spiritual activists, warriors, midwives and pioneers of this new world consciousness to create a network of spaces from which to birth the new world consciousness and tune into the personal insights we desperately need to make this happen.
If you would like to be part of this exploration, please get in touch through our meetups in Brighton, which started in January 2016.

Please leave your details below if you are interested in exploring the expansion of consciousness in Dream Factory meditation spaces worldwide. Starting in Brighton, UK and Spain.

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