“To get new results you must take new actions and all actions are

fathered by a decision.” – Anthony Robbins

The Importance of Making a Committed Decision

The first step in building a successful new business or role for yourself is making a decision to do so!

Please think about that for a moment.The first step in achieving a successful business is to make a decision to do so in the first place. We bring this up because so many people jump into a new profession and immediately focus on how to get business, how to make money, how to market and how to close sales before they have fully committed to having a successful business to begin with.

A committed decision is one of the three foundational pillars upon which your a successful venture is built.

Definition: To Decide

The word decision comes from the Latin root decidere, which means to cut off from.

When you make a decision you cut off all other possibility. Think about that. According to the definition, if you make a decision that you are going to succeed in your new chosen profession, it means that you are cutting off the very possibility of not succeeding.

That’s powerful! And that’s the kind of committed decision you have to make about your new venture.

For example, you could decide to do whatever it takes. You could decide to build a successful business or to make a meaningful impact in the world.

One of our favorite decisions is beautifully simple: committing to being a successful ‘_______’. DECIDING to be that!

Unfortunately a lot of people who are “trying” to grow their business haven’t made a committed decision to succeed in their chosen profession. They are feeling things out, waiting to see what happens, hoping to get work.

There is no real commitment or determination. Don’t let this happen to you. The first step to go from “trying” to “succeeding” is a decision.

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