At The Dream Factory social capital is the currency which is most valued. We believe positive change and innovation can occur simply through the meeting of minds and a openness to help.


26 September, 6 – 9pm.
One free drink included. Free for DF members.

£5 for non-members, 2 for 1 offer on entrance so bring your BDF buddy.

Join us on Thursday for our closing party of the Dream Factory during the Brighton Digital Festival. We will be using our last day to leave all members with an opportunity to create lasting connections beyond the Digital Festival as well as reveal the future of The Dream Factory.

To have a peak of what we’ve been up to in the space so far, see our flickr-small Stream.

Brighton Digital Festival Collaboration Ring Event

The Collaboration Ring process provides a real time experience of social capital but will leave you amazed at the serendipity of connections, some of which we have already experienced in the space from day 1.

This Brighton Digital Festival Dream Factory community is very unique in having members with very diverse backgrounds and skillsets but which complement each other’s life interests. Groups which form from this community could be invaluable to you, so do please come and participate if you can.

During the ring process, we hope to not only encourage new individual connections, but to also help identify and setup some new free Mastermind Groups of 5-8 people by the end of the month, so that you can all continue to get value from this creative community after September.

Dream Factory members only need to Book a Sofa to attend. Non DF Members can attend for £5 using paypal link below, 2 for 1 offer on entrance so bring your BDF buddy.

TweetouttweetoutmessPlease help us get a really valuable ring of people together:
here’s a link to tweet out this message about the event, even if you can’t make it yourself.

Name & Mobile No – £5 Event

Below is the free online Collaboration Ring we have been hosting during the Brighton Digital Festival.

To take part, simply fill in our Membership & Collaboration Survey. If at any point you need to amend your entry, simply contact us with your name and your amendment.