Thank you to all the participants of the Collaboration Ring for coming along on Thursday. Having 12 participants was the perfect number to take this community forward (sorry that should be, from now on, David?).

I wanted to let you know by today that all the information from the Collaboration Ring is on the Dream Factory Trello Board as there are some collaborations needing help before Monday.

To make sure the Trello is easy to find, there is a new menu item on the main website called Online Collaboration, where the Trello board is embedded.

If you haven’t already used Trello, just register with your email, confirm your registration in your email and then you’ll find our new Collaboration Board as seen below.

Because you’re all already assigned to the Collaboration Board, as soon as you make a comment in your particular card, everyone who was in your group or collaboration need will get a notification.

I also wanted to share with you the Group List  with a bit of personality added. The names have been blurred to keep groups anonymous from the public for now.

You will see your name assigned to each of the groups in Trello board.
As we get new members into the Dream Factory, I’ll assign them to the groups they’ve chosen in their signup process.









I also wanted to also invite you all to use the board to start promoting anything else in this next month.

So for instance in the Member Projects & Businesses you can already begin writing out your ideas for your business and we can start to build up a rich list of what everyone is working on.

There’s also now a Facebook Page which has the key moments from September.

It’s only a moderated promotional Facebook page for now, but it can accept comments and it is going to be linked automatically to Trello soon so you can promote on there too soon.

So if you can all firstly please Like the page and add any comments you like under whatever events were important to you.

For the rest of this month I’m going to be building up the online version of The Dream Factory so we can bring together individuals from anywhere to work with each other.

Ok that’s all for now, I’ll be emailing the entire list with a closing summary of the September experience in the next few days.
Best wishes