Well we are already in our last week of The Dream Factory for the Brighton Digital Festival 2013. Join us on Thursday for our closing party of the Dream Factory during the Brighton Digital Festival. We will be using our last day to leave all members with an opportunity to create lasting connections beyond the Digital Festival as well as reveal the future of The Dream Factory. We’ve been having a lot of fun this week, to have a peak of what we’ve been up to in the space so far, see our  Flickr  Stream.

  • Tuesday was another great turnout for the Happy Startup School’s Going from lightbulb to launch workshop. We would like to sincerely thank Laurence, Carlos and his team for a great collaboration. All Dream Factory candidates who went through the startup school have been giving nothing but praise for how much they  enjoyed the sessions and were excited about the outcomes from it.
  • Wednesday we had our first creative collaboration event between Dream Factory members, with filmmaker Roy Petersen creating a documentary of Julia Horbaschk‘s Photography Workshop. It was wonderful to see how versatile this space is and large enough to film part of the documentary before workshop participants and camera crew hit the streets of Brighton.Roy is now looking for some collaboration help over a few days to edit the film, please pass on our details if you know someone who would be interested in getting involved.
You can see pics from this photoshoot as they appear in Julias Workshop Flickr Group.
  • Then on Thursday ideas for the future of the Dream Factory was discussed by a wonderfully representative group of members who ranged from photographers, filmmakers, university lecturers, entrepreneurs, coaches, chefs and webdesigners.We had a very lively planning meeting around the kitchen table to decide if members wanted take The Dream Factory forward as a collaboration space and creative community supporting members’ creative projects and events from the space, and the outcome was unanimously YES!
  • As a current member, we will keep you informed of when we can begin this next phase.  But please come along this Thursday  if you would like to discuss future collaborations amongst your fellow members and get involved with the next phase of The Dream Factory!

Dream Factory Opening Times

Tuesday: not open Wednesday: open from noon for City Camp, 5pm – 9pm Dream Factory space and for mixing with City Camp attendees. Thursday: open from 2-9pm with Collaboration Ring at 6pm and closing evening afterwards!

Events @ The Dream Factory Week 4

Camp Brighton 3.5

Wednesday 25th September, Noon – 5pm City Camp Brighton 3.5 CityCamp is global network of events, communities and projects that works to create amazing social projects to better the cities we live in Join us for a full day of interactive exhibition space for all of the amazing projects that have come from City Camp so far including The Dream Factory itself. There will be a wide range of workshops stretching from live cooking workshops from A Healthy Day Everydaywww.healthydayeveryday.org to experimenting with innovative ways to give citizens more of a voice as part of the Citizens Agenda initiative, overall winner of last years City Camp. Also open to all members but places will be limited, so please do Book a Sofa to ensure your spot

Collaboration Ring Event & Closing Party

Thurs 26th September, 6pm This event is included as part of the Brighton Digital Festival. This Brighton Digital Festival Dream Factory community is very unique in having members with very diverse backgrounds and skillsets but which complement each other’s life interests. Groups which form from this community could be invaluable to you, so do please come and participate if you can.

One of the purposes of The Dream Factory during the Brighton Digital Festival was to facilitate a space for the meeting of minds and to encourage innovation and new connections for anyone involved any aspect of digital culture. We have now reached a critical mass of over 50 members, who like you, are all interested in digital culture and are describing some very similar yet also very diverse collaboration needs. HorizTag-small This Tag Cloud summarises as best we could, all the needs expressed by members in the Membership List and it makes for a really interesting tapestry indeed! (click to see larger image) The Collaboration Ring process provides a real time experience of social capital which will leave you amazed at the serendipity of connections, some of which we have already experienced in the space from day 1. This collaboration process was highlighted in a recent RSA talk by Adam Grant about social capital as working exceptionally well. During the ring process, we hope to not only encourage new individual connections, but to also be able to help identify and setup some new Mastermind Groups of 5-8 people by the end of the month, so that you can all continue to get value from this creative community after September. Mastermind groups made up of a diverse group of your peers are one of the most effective and sustainable ways to make progress in life and business. The Collaboration Ring will work best and have the best possible result for you and this community if as many members as possible turn up, so please do Book a Sofa to ensure your spot, max 35 people as people will already be using the kitchen table

Dream Factory Directions

You can find us on 13-16 Vine Street, just two streets down from the Lighthouse and Jubillee Library.

The very friendly Coffee Counter cafe is right below us and there with us all day.

Come hangout soon! The door will be open as much as possible, if not just ring the bell.

The Dream Factory Team