We have a lot of people asking when the best time is to come down so, although this is open to you at any time we’re open for you to use in any way, this week we are going to experiment with changing our opening times for Wednesday 11th, Thursday 12th from 1pm – 8pm to see if that helps you use The Dream Factory for your lunch hour.

And here are some extra incentives for you to come together at similar times:

Free lunch WEDNESDAY 11th at 1pm

Please join us tomorrow Wednesday 11th at 1pm for some FREE lunch and soft drinks and to get to know your Dream Factory members. Just book your space using the Book a Sofa facility to avoid disappointment and so we can gauge numbers. The more people book in advance the better the lunch as we can then invite Charlie to offer some free tasters for Thursday’s dinner.

Drinks on THURSDAY 12th at 6pm followed by £8 DINNER

Also, please join us on Thursday 12th at 6pm for a free glass of wine or beer.

We are then offering an £8 dinner courtesy of www.charlie-s-kitchen.org who would like to use the space to prototype his popup restaurant concept and delicious food.

It would really help to have some specific numbers for dinner, please click on this separate Dinner @ DF Doodle Poll to show your interest in the dinner this week and next.

Membership List

We have created an online Membership List for all members to view each others profiles, needs and wants already.

You can also now edit your own information directly in this database.

Once we have completed the Tag to Database Link (the tech that will show others when you are in the space)  this membership list above will drive what appears publicly to those in and outside the space.

Please be patient while we get this finalised, hopefully by the end of today. In the meantime, have a look at your info and see what members you might like to consider talking to through the Online Collaboration Space below.



Events @ The Dream Factory Week 2

Tuesday 10th Sept (3-5pm) Happy Startup Canvas – a mini-workshop on how to carve your vision and purpose from the start

Thursday 12th  (3-5pm) Happy Startup Hour – More general gatherings, come along & introduce yourself, your problems, your ideas, meet some awesome people and get advice on what to do next

Tuesday 10 September, 6-9pm

Create Brighton No.4 Ideas for Social Innovation and Workplace Culture with talks from three Brighton tech startups:


Online Collaboration Space

As members are not necessarily going to be in the same space at the same time, we have created a DF Online Collaboration Space using Trello which is free and one of the most user friendly online virtual collaboration tool we’ve come across.

You may have noticed this morning that you would have received an invite from Trello, just follow the simple sign up process and you’ll have access to this board full of information and resources for you.

The Trello board can be used by you in any way you want. We want it to be the place where you can post all the things you’re interested in by adding a card to any of the existing boards, or create a new board if there’s something missing.

You, or others, can assign members to your card if you think there is a reason to notify another member of your card. They will simply get a notification of the card title they have been linked to.

Members can make comments or vote on any card. If you want to mention another member in a comment, then just use their Trello profile name in the comment such as @dreamfactory and they will also be alerted about your comment.

So it’s not a direct social network as it doesn’t have an emailing system, but it does allow you to discuss things around cards, which is less intrusive. There are further instructions on using Trello in the Resource Board.

How to find member names

You will find all members and their usernames, just lick on the  Show Sidebar in the right hand menu

There is also a Calendar link next to the sidebar, where all Cards which have a due date which will immediately be posted.

Currently the calendar has a  listing of all the events scheduled to take place in the Dream Factory in September. If you’d like to add this calendar to your own Google Calender, just use follow the instructions on this card.


Going to BDF Events? We need you !

We have a means to easily crowdsource photos and videos from BDF events happening around us and then show these assets on the Dream Factory TV and share them online.

So we are looking for volunteers to take our clever Communify Piratebox to any events that interest you.

Promoting BDF Events from The Dream Factory

If you are an event organiser? and would like to show photos and videos of your events BEFORE they start, then yes lets help you show off whatever we can.

We also have a space for flyers from events all around our  large TV.

Dream Factory Directions

You can find us on 13-16 Vine Street, just two streets down from the Lighthouse and Jubillee Library.

The very friendly Coffee Counter cafe is right below us and there with us all day. The door will probably be open, but if not just press the bell.

Come hangout! The door will be open as much as possible, if not just ring the bell.

Look forward to seeing you today or soon.

The Dream Factory Team